Dr. James Minnick

Dr. James J. Minnick, Senior Pastor of The Mount, is committed to communicating God’s Word clearly and with application to today’s culture. A lifelong resident of Detroit, Michigan, Pastor Minnick literally grew up at The Mount and has been a faithful member and integral contributor since joining as a teenager under the leadership of the late Rev. Collis O. Stewart.

With a vision mandate to spread the gospel to the world, since 2001, James Jason Minnick has faithfully served the metro-Detroit community as pastor of The Mount. Anointed and Holy Ghost filled, he was licensed to preach in 1997 and ordained two years later. A staunch advocate for education – especially higher education, he practices what he preaches and holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Theology, a Masters of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity.

With a deep love of music – especially gospel, it’s not surprising to find him launching into a classic like “Blessed Quietness,” meditating to “Total Praise” or tapping his foot to “Marvelous.” Dedicated to teaching and studying the Word, in quiet reflective moments, he takes solace and comfort in hiding his heart in favored scriptures like Joshua 24:15, I John 4:19 and Psalm 27. A lover of the great outdoors, he also enjoys being near the open water and family trips to Florida – especially during the winter months. His hobbies include photography, traveling and reading.