Spiritual Formation (Ministry Training)

The goal of this ministry is to present the dynamics of spiritual leadership and personal development as a leader in the areas: inner life discipline and maturing, grasping the Word of God, Biblical doctrine and ministry maturing. Our goal is to capture principles of spiritual formation in the lives of individuals to become more effective leaders and mentors, with full consideration that spiritual gifts, life experiences, and personality uniquely equip us to serve God. This training program is designed with the understanding that, although individuals grow and mature in different ways and at various integrals, our collective learning and development should wholly embrace the mission and purpose of equipping his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.

CANDIDATES FOR THIS COURSE: Individuals who have expressed a call to ministry.

Students will receive a general introduction into different areas of ministry and an introduction to Bible structure, core biblical doctrines, and biblical interpretation and teaching methods. As a result, students will have a broader understanding of ministry skills, and will be equipped to operate with greater spiritual authority. Students should be able to adopt effective Bible study and interpretation methods in preparation for teaching and preaching the Gospel.