Min. Andre Gilford

Youth/Young Adult Ministry and Social Justice Outreach
(313) 884-6648
21150 Moross Rd. Detroit, MI 48226

Minister Andre Gilford is a seeker for God, an advocate for justice and lover of God’s people. He has committed his life to being a student of God, coming to understand God’s ways and the ways God is working in the world. He lives by the motto, “God is still speaking,” constantly open and listening to what God may have him to do in the moment. Currently, Minister Andre works as a high school teacher of History and English Language Arts. He graduated from Wayne State University and is pursuing theological education from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in a Master of Divinity program. He is very active in his community, through service, and activism. He loves to read fiction, engage in intelligent conversations, and appreciate protest art in his leisure.